Donate to help the work of St Michaels Church

During the Covid -19 pandemic many charities and businesses were forced to close their doors. Our church buildings have been closed but that doesn’t mean that as a church we stopped. We are still a worshipping community, but scattered rather than gathering here in the church, however there are still costs involved and while this crisis continues we cannot fund raise and we cannot hold services. Please consider helping us to continue to be active within our communities, offering support and prayer in these difficult times. Thank you for your support.

Donations for the work of St Michaels Church click HERE

Alternatively you can scan our QR code from your mobile phone.

If you prefer this is a link to a direct debit form for either regular or one off donations,  donors will need to print the form off and fill it in by hand and either post it to or scan it and send it to St Michaels PCC, Stonethwaite, East End, Langtoft, PE6 9LP email to as an email attachment, in which case please include your email address