150 Club – Raising money for the church Fabric

On April 6th 2019 the present 150 Club session will end, and the final draw of £150, £100 and £50 will take place in the Horseshoe, Thurlby, at 1pm. Do come along and find out who the lucky winners are.

The new session starts on April 13th and we are happy to say that the club is still only 50p a week. 

From our Rector 

Hello again,

I am writing to again thank you for your continued support, or if you are reading this for the first time, hello, and thank you for becoming involved in the 150 Club. It is through schemes like this where funds are given regularly that we are able to plan the expenditure needed on the church. 

St Firmin’s is a beautiful building, but it constantly needs maintenance work then there is also the challenge of finding funds for the day to day running of the church, from the gas which keeps us warm to the care of the grounds. This year we are hoping to make some minor adaptations to the church so that we can start to leave it open during the day, allowing more people to enjoy its beauty and serenity and you may also have noticed the slow but steady development of the paddock into a car park, which all goes to making our church more accessible. 

It is sometimes difficult to enjoy the beauty of the church when we are constantly under pressure to raise funds, so that is why | am so thankful for people like you who through schemes like the 150 club, help us to keep our church a part of the community. So again, thank you so much for being involved.

We would also like to invite you to come along to church on a Sunday or for any of the events we arrange. Coming up this year is the Penniless Concert on May 18″ Tickets £10 and are available from Ros Bennett (07903067583)  We will also be having a Music in Quiet Places concert on June 6th   

Kind regards


Supporting the Fabric of our Beautiful Church

The 150 Club consists of 150 members who have agreed to membership of 26 weeks at a cost of 50p per week.

Each week- a draw £10 and £5 are awarded.

On week 26 a Final Draw at which £150, £100 and £50 are awarded.

The proceeds are contributed to the fabric of the church 

Contact: Mrs Anne Hedger 01778 421182

or email stfirminchurchwarden@gmail.com