From the Registers

Baptisms -” We welcome into the Lords Family”

12/06/2011 Leah Elizabeth Graham

19/06/2011 Freddie Sam Lees

07/08/2011 Noah Bryce Skinner

14/08/2011 Imogen Kathleen Edwards

19/02/2012  Zara Holly Fletcher

15/04/2012  Thomas George Threadgill

15/04/2012   Ben Stanley Moore

29/04/2012  Isabella Katie-Rose Trumble

20/05/2012  Charles Fosker

20/05/2012  Tristan Atkins

03/06/2012  Alfie Posnett

17/06/2012  Lewis Fryer

01/07/2012 Max Bernard Champness

22/07/2012 Daisy Elizabeth Violet Lane

22/07/2012  Molly Grace Lane

02/09/2012  Jack Joseph Cappitt

30/09/2012  William Charlie Fensom

09/12/2012   Noah George Pearson

20/01/2013   Lexi Rowley

17/03/2013   Carys Lily Grace Lawton

28/04/2013   Amelia Elizabeth Mai Parry

05/05/2013   Olivia Leigh Taylor

21/07/2013   Matilda-Rose Victoria Houghton

28/07/2013  Holly Glover

28/07/2013  Olivia Fraser Dunn

25/08/2013  Zachary Palmer

01/09/2013  Oscar George Fletcher

01/09/2013  Ellie Jackson Fryer

22/09/2013  Amelie Rowe

29/12/2013   Constance Marie Falkner

05/01/2014 Phillipa Grace Frances Dalton

11/05/2014  Isabelle Jones

27/07/2014 Jacob James Robbins

17/08/2014 Imogen Jade Harwood

24/08/2014 Jack Paul William Clarke

19/10/2014  Finlay Robert Edwards

26/10/2014 Ella Grace Stevenson

28/12/2014 Sebastian Wolfgang Faulkner

22/02/2015 Lily Grace Halliday

08/03/2015  Thea Alexander Gunner

03/05/2015  Madeleine Emily Stevenson

14/06/2015  Imogen Isabella Gray

12/07/2015  Felix William Edgar

16/08/2015  Alice Matilda Rose Walton and Alexander Harrison Walton

23/08/2015  Montgomery Edward Kenrick

20/09/2015  Amy Leanne Busby

15/11/2015    Louis Peter Marshall

20/12/2015  Matilda Tiitli Wilhelmena Champness

06/03/2016  Verity Nita and William Ethan Harwood

17/04/2016   Peter James and Holly May Thorpe

26/06/2016  Molly Elizabeth Iris Rowe

10/07/2016  Emily Rose Crowson

14/08/2016   Evie Lily Brooks

28/08/2016   Henry Thomas Palmer

04/09/2016   Joshua Michael Trumble

11/09/2016    Isabella Victoria Alice Fosker

18/09/2016    Isla Faye Lincoln

30/10/2016   Max Pasquale Pignatiello

19/02/2017   Gemma O’Leary

12/03/2017   Joseph Jack Taylor

09/07/2017   Harry Edward Crowson

16/07/2017    Harry Richard Johnson

13/08/2017    Ralph Kenneth Poulton

03/09/2017    Henry Mathew Watkins

08/10/2017    Jennifer May Carolyn Twaite

08/10/2017    Elissa Rose Maud Gray

15/10/2017    Thomas Fraser Dunn

21/01/2017    Georgiana Hazel Cappitt

03/06/2018    Madison Aver Rose Parry

01/07/2018     Edith-Rose Norbury

26/08/18        Emily Jean Palmer

30/09/18        Stanley Phillip Peter Groom

20/01/19       Darcie Olivia Lincoln

07/07/19       Adelaide Kelly Dawkins-Reynolds

28/07/19       Isabelle Olivia Crowson

28/07/19      William Jacob  and Sebastion George Jarvis

22/09/19       Alfie Thomas Gray

27/10/19      Maisie Grace and  Mollie May Davis-Wright

03/11/19      Theo Arthur Taylor

01/12/19      Rose Julie Janet Groom

Weddings – “May they know your presence and peace in their homes”

20/08/2011 Michael Bennett and Keri Nightingale

27/08/2011 Lloyd Marshall and Annabel Moore

26/05/2012  David Wright and Sharon Moran

26/05/2012  Jonothan Rowe and Laura Gardner

09/06/2012  Kirsty Kwok and Graham Palmer

22/12/2012  Glenn Anthony Rossell and Joanne Elizabeth Peacock

23/03/2013  James Henry Preston and Faith Michelle Marsden

10/08/2013  David John Phillips and Angharad Pearce ( Banns only)

17/08/2013  Richard Paul Fox and Carissa Dawn Fox (Banns only)

24/08/2013  Simon Mathew Wall and Zoe Elizabeth Madeleine Fitzjohn (Banns only)

10/05/2014  Ian Crowson and Karen Lenton

24/05/2014  David Samuels and Caroline Fleming

21/06/2014  Martin Richard Younghusband and Emma Jarvis

17/09/2014 Oliver Thomas Gray and Catherine Emily Lane

28/03/2015 Christopher James Lincoln and Holly Elizabeth Gray

25/07/2015 Jeffrey Blackwell and Charlotte Flatters

31/03/2016 Shaun Pardoe and Hayley Brooker – Banns only

14/05/2016  Dennis Anthony Brooks and Sarah Emma Louth

21/05/2016  Elton Holmes and Helen Fulluck – (Banns only)

23/07/2016  Dominic Edward Stringer Gray and Katie Elizabeth Mytton – (Banns only)

08/10/2016   Daniel Wand and Victoria Louise May Bennett

30/12/2016   Steven Butcher and Sarah Wheeler

10/06/2017   Barry Gray and Gemma O’Leary

24/06/2017   Thomas Lincoln and Tessa Patrick

09/09/2017  Paulo Ricardo Nicolau de Oliveira and Kelly Ann Crowson

15/10/2017   Moira Fraser and John Dunn – Marriage Blessing

05/05/2018   Maria Karzawina and Paul Barrie Griggs (Banns only)

22/06/2018    Sarah Frances Bloe and James Christopher Lewis Barber (Banns only)

21/07/2018    Leonie Kim Clarke and Scott Harwood

06/10/2018   Sarah Palmer and Benjamin Poulton

24/08/2019    Alexandra Margaret Manning and William Peter Wells

Many congratulations to those renewing their Wedding Vows

12/08/2012  Lorna and Martin Edmunds- Silver Wedding

25/11/2012  Mary and Michael Trumble – Ruby Wedding

05/06/2015  Neil and Sharon Bowcock – 5th Anniversary

Service of Marriage Thanksgiving

18/07/2015  Tom and Eileen Teague – 60th Anniversary

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the departed

If you wished to remember a loved one

A Book of Remembrance has now been placed and kept in the Lady Chapel in St Firmin’s Church. A page may be taken away to be completed and then brought back to be fixed in. You may complete it in any way you wish, photos, written memories, mementoes etc. of those you have loved and lost.

If you would like to do this do pick up a page when you next visit.

02/11/2011  Edwina Trayhorn

30/03/2012  Gwen Wilson

05/01/2012  Marilyn Fabri

11/05/2012   Peter Glover

14/05/2012  Kerry Rome

20/07/2012   Jean Tomaselli – Burial of remains

01/09/2012   Josephine Carter- Burial of remains

20/08/2012   Rosemary Howell – Memorial Service

29/08/2012    Emma Carter

22/11/2012     Nancy Kathleen Oldfield Beadle

28/11/2012     Lew Sommerfield

29/11/2012     Clare Jocelyn Bostock

06/02/2013    Lillian Bostock

05/04/2013    Jeremy Lakin – Burial of Ashes

24/04/2013    Margery Kelby

29/05/2013   Irene Daisy Robinson

13/06/2013   Maurice Kelby

27/06/2013   Lewis Henry Sommerfield

04/10/2013   Diana Jane Sherwood

14/05/2014   Eric Waterhouse -Burial of Ashes

19/05/2014   John Ebbs

30/05/2014   Cherry Powell -Burial of Ashes

01/07/2014  Merrick Griffin – Burial of Ashes

23/07/2014  Susan Parker

24/09/2014  Thomas Courton

08/10/2015  Vivienne Ann Riley

27/11/2014  Peggy Sommerfield  – 23/07/2015 Burial of Ashes

08/01/2015 Tony Preston

29/01/2015 Elizabeth Wilkinson – 20/04/2015 – Burial of Ashes

26/03/2015  Revd Dr William Strawson- Memorial Service and Burial of Ashes

28/04/2015  Frederick George Eveleigh – Burial of Ashes

08/07/2015  Rev. Mike Howes – Memorial Service and Burial of Ashes

10/10/2015   William Taylor Storey – Burial of Ashes

30/12/2015   Rose Dutton

04/01/2016 Dennis Roy Anderson

28/01/2016  Ralph Courton

11/04/2016   John Jenson

23/08/2016  Dennis George Pacey – Burial in cemetary

04/11/2016   Winifred Anderson

16/12/2016   Anthony George Hallam

15/06/2017   Margaret Mary Wilkin – Burial of Ashes

30/06/2017   Bryan William Evans – Burial on cemetery

23/10/2017  Guy Peter Salmon – Burial in the cemetery

04/11/2017   John Cappitt – Burial of ashes in churchyard

28/02/2018   Michael Grady Mansfield Peterborough Crematorium

23/03/2018  Michael Grady Mansfield Thanksgiving Service

14/05/2018   Joy Skinner – South Lincs Crematorium

18/05/2018   Pauline Wallis – Thurlby Churchyard

29/05/2018   Edward Joseph Taylor Clarke – Thurlby Cemetary

20/06/2018   Kathleen Mary Courton  -Peterborough Crematorium

20/06/2018   Kathleen Mary Courton – Thanksgiving Service

04/08/2018   Anthony David Barber

08/08/2018   Jean Alburey

02/10/18       Dorothy Irene Rose – Peterborough Crematorium

30/09/18       Brian Woodcock – Burial in Cemetary

09/01/19    Dieter Asbach-Cullen – South Lincs Crematorium

06/02/19     Simon Terrence Emeny – South Lincs Crematorium

08/03/19     John David Wallis – Peterborough Crematorium

01/11/19     George Thomas Parker

12/11/19     Vera Gertrude Camp – Peterborough Crematorium

26/11/19   Frank Arthur Owen – Burial of Ashes

29/11/19    Christine May Ellis – Burial of Ashes

06/12/19    George Thomas Parker – Burial of Ashes

17/12/19     Edward James Dilley

11/02/20     Russell Coley

12/03/20     Barry Edmund Stevenson

26/05/20     Freda Winifred Young – Burial in Thurlby Cemetary

02/06/20     Gunda Baker – Grantham Crematorium

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