Here’s a question to get you thinking: Who is the church for and what on earth does it do?

The Church of England unlike banks, post offices and businesses has a branch in every community. If you live anywhere in England, you live in a particular parish. And living in a parish, gives you automatic rights to have your baby baptised (christened) or a service of thanksgiving for your baby if baptism is not right for you; everyone living in the parish has the right to be married in your parish church and anyone who lives in the parish has the right to have their funeral service in the church. And all of these rights are there for you WHETHER YOU ATTEND CHURCH REGULARLY OR NOT.

Sometimes people have said that they would feel a hypocrite by being married or having a funeral in church when they don’t darken the doors of the place at any other time. But the church is your church, please don’t feel like that at all and each service will be tailored for your needs.

So what on earth does the church do? We meet to worship God first and foremost – to say that in this crazy, busy, mixed-up life, material things are not the be all and end all – that somehow God has made himself known, we’ve glimpsed Him out of the corner of our eyes and we created space to try and open ourselves to Him.

The Church is unique in that it exists for the benefit of those who do not belong to it.

The Church building in the village is your parish church – it would be great to see you there but even if you don’t come- it’s still your church!


What we can offer you

For people opportunities to meet with God and each other at important times in life.

For parents of children we offer services of Baptism.

For couples wishing to celebrate their love and commit themselves to each other, we offer Marriage services together with preparation and also blessings after Civil Marriage services.

We are here for people in bereavement through Funeral Services, visiting afterwards and an All Souls Service for people to remember loved ones.

We are here for people who want to explore the Christian faith. In particular we hold Confirmation classes for those who want to take the step of making a public commitment.

We offer groups for people wishing to explore different aspects of the Christian Way – for example, the Mother’s Union group provides opportunities to meet others, make friends and grow in faith.

One of our church links is with the MAF, Missionary Aviation Fellowship, supporting our missionary family, the Fitches in South Africa. Also we sponsor a boy, Simeon Silas Caleb and his community in Nigeria.

At Church we also enjoy ourselves. We have a range of activities to which all members of the community are welcome: Parish Suppers, Concerts, Coffee Mornings, Flower Festivals, Exhibitions,Lent Lunches, Christmas Fairs and Bell ringing to mention some of the activities that help make life in the parish rich and enjoyable

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